The Firebird Question

Will we survive the Anthropocene? If we do, what comes next? At Firebird Journal, we explore the questions and answers…

Why do the Russians care enough about U.S. Internet Neutrality to send the FCC fake “public comments?”

Are the Russians colluding with American telecoms to kill Net Neutrality? If so, why? Why does Putin care how your internet content is delivered, or not delivered?

Climate Fix Flop (Part 1)

How the U.S. delegation laid an egg at the UN’s COP23 climate summit in Bonn, Germany

The Season of the Witch

What the 2017 California Wildfires tell us about climate chaos

The New Economics of Climate Chaos (part 1)

How climate chaos drives reactive, rather than proactive economic decisions

What I Said to My Carpenter (part 2)

How progressives can win back America’s workers