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Survival and Renewal in the Anthropocene

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Which way for the planet in the 2020s? (Part 4: Save the Amazon, save ourselves)

By the end of the 2020’s, we’ll know which way we’re headed: toward environmental oblivion or an era of global restoration (This is Part 4 of a four-part series. Read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.) What would a radical reversal of Brazil’s current environmental policies tell us? What could it do for us?  Brazil’s […]

Plastic soup, anyone?

The plastic pollution crisis rivals the threat of climate change as it pollutes every natural system…   —Hugo Tagholm, Surfers Against Sewage: 

We Are Still In!(Climate Fix Flop, part 3)

…the unofficial, nation-wide U.S. group “We Are Still In” set up camp at the Bonn, Germany, COP23 climate talks in a pavilion it called the “U.S. Climate Action Center”