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Survival and Renewal in the Anthropocene

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Living (better) without fossil gas

This is the fourth post in a four-part series on methane. Read posts #1, #2 and #3 “There are plenty of things to love about induction ranges, whether you’re obsessed with perfectly prepped food or interested in energy efficiency.” — Paul Hope, Consumer Reports   Despite the loud and persistent objections of the fossil-fuel industry, […]

What a gas! Debunking “natural” gas’s positive image…

This is the third post in a four-part series on methane. Read posts #1, #2 and #4. “The end of natural gas has to start with its name,” Rebecca Leber, environmental analyst and writer, Vox Ah. Branding. Americans feel good about “natural” things. Natural materials. Natural ingredients. Natural cosmetics. If it’s natural, it’s wholesome. It’s […]

Slow global warming by cutting methane emissions now

This is the first post in a four-part series on methane. Read posts #2, #3 and #4. “Acting now to reduce methane emissions will have immediate benefits for the climate… — The Environmental Defense Fund” We need to hurry if we’re to slow global warming. But why would we want to only slow warming, rather […]

Community Solar and the Inflation Reduction Act — a win for everyone

This is the second of three posts on the Inflation Reduction Act. Read Posts #1 and #3. “Like any other business venture, community solar projects need investors.” — Christie Young, environmental journalist at Solstice website The climate provisions of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) include plenty of incentives for America’s homeowners to install renewable energy […]

How the Inflation Reduction Act benefits you and the planet

This is the first of three posts on the Inflation Reduction Act. Read Posts #2 and #3. “Think of the IRA as a free electric bank account with your name on it…” — the Go Electric Now guide to the Inflation Reduction Act Have you ever wanted to put solar panels on your roof or […]

Gifts of renewal for Planet Earth in 2023

NOTE: This article was originally posted as a newspaper column in the Your Ecological House© series on Christmas Day, 2022, when thoughts of gifts were in the air. But it is also a good starting place for 2023, when we could be beginning to reach a turning point in the struggle to save the planet. […]

Climate action falls to the states: for now

“The less we do about climate change now, the more regulation we will have in the future.” Bill Nye (The Science Guy) As part of recovering from my gloomy mood caused by the recent one-two punch landed by the federal government against our future, I forced myself to think about the remaining avenues for fighting […]

Can the Ukrainian war become the inflection point for climate action?

“It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.” — Yogi Berra You’d think everybody would be sick of this stuff by now. Resource wars, dictators, armies, death and general mayhem — haven’t we had enough? Apparently not. As the war in Ukraine proves, human derangement yet abides in some quarters. But perhaps not for […]

War, Anti-War and Climate Progress

“Experienced Americans” are the fastest growing part of the population: 10,000 [American] people a day pass the sixty-year mark. — Bill McKibben. Wars have aftermaths. These can be negative, as when the vengeful Treaty of Versailles placed such onerous fiscal penalties on Germany after WWI that they led to the inevitable collapse of that country’s […]