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Survival and Renewal in the Anthropocene

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Eco Anxiety: gun violence, climate violence and you

eco anxiety, stochastic violence, climate impacts, violent climate impacts

“[In a storm], lightning is going to strike…but you [can’t] predict [exactly] when and where…” — Curt Braddock, communications expert, American University Now, here’s a word for us non-specialists: stochastic. The term is familiar to most people working in fields such as science and economics that require statistical interpretations of occurrences. But it can also […]

Are we entering a climate/economic “doom loop”?

The nearer global heating approaches to the agreed 1.5ºC limit, the greater the risk it poses to the green transition itself —  Institute for Public Policy Research In the context of climate change, “positive feedback loops” are usually thought of as describing physical processes. For example, warming melts solar-reflecting Arctic ice, exposing the dark water […]