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Survival and Renewal in the Anthropocene

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Helping Gen-R revive the planet

What can today’s adults do to help set the stage for a future Green Revolution? In the introductory column to this series, I explained the concept of Gen-R — the generation comprised of today’s youth (people under 25 in 2020) who will be tasked with R-eviving, R-epairing, and R-enewing the planet. I pointed out that […]

Gen-R: Today’s youth must R-evive and R-estore the Planet

NOTE: This is the introductory article to the Gen-R concept, first published as a newspaper column on December 26, 2021. Posts expanding on the Gen-R concept concept can be found on Firebird’s main menu under: Gen-R & the Climate Crisis → Gen-R: Challenges and Opportunities.   It’s settled history. The “Greatest Generation” grew up during […]