This index page for archived articles from the Your Ecological House newspaper column series by Philip S. Wenz is “under construction.” The columns, dating back to Volume 1, #1, May 8, 2007 have been published every other week in various newspapers, including the San Francisco Chronicle, Albany Herald (Oregon), Corvallis Gazette Times (Oregon), Rhode Island Call, Durango Herald (Colorado, Eugene Register-Guard (Oregon) and has appeared in other publications. (There are 380 columns published between May, 2007 through December, 2021.)

The articles are listed in reverse chronological order by volume number and year, beginning with the most recent, Volume #15, 2021. I hope to have the entire series uploaded during 2022, and then add 2022’s columns, and uploaded shortly after the beginning of 2023.

Some of the articles in this archive appear elsewhere on this Website, in different contexts, often wit enhanced or updated content. Archived articles will provide links to their copies elsewhere on the site.

Volume 15, 2021: January through March (#s 15-1 through 15-6) / April through June (#s 15-7 through 15/13) / July through September (#s 15-14 through 15-20) / October through December (15-21 through 15-26)